Hann® system is not only simple to implement, it is extremely cost-effective and much more reliable than other RF-based or wireless protocols-based systems.

I) Our control panel controls the entire building to a single room, from security devices to energy-saving sensors, and most of all, it is very easy to use and puts Control directly in your hand.

  1. No hardwiring is neccesary, just overlay on existing power lines from switches to lightings and appliances,
  2. Reliability is more than 99.8% whilst cost is at a fraction of the premium charged for leading global brands,
  3. Enhance asset values and/or lifestyle and work environment,
  4. Go green and harvest energy savings whenever you are.

II) Automation systems widely applied in Residential, Commercial and Other Applications.

III) Comparison of Hann® system versus other system (PDF download)

Hann® has developed seven groups of controls that can be integrated into any residential, commercial or industrial applications:

Lighting Controls

  1. With Hann® automation system, lightings are not only dimmed or turned on bright, you can preset lightings to dim to specific brightness levels, say 43% or 17%, for any choice of occasions and mood settings.
  2. Wide range of lightings can be effectviely dimmed, from LED MR16 to LED T8, LV halogen with electronic or magnectic transformers, even floursecent tubes are possible, prolonging the life of your lightings and reducing energy costs.
  3. Dimming levels are usually preset in the 'Scenes' within your smartphone,. notebook or iPad, or remote controllers like , 'Evening', 'Away', 'Sleep', and 'Guest Arrival'.

Entertainment Centre

  1. Apart from setting the lighting moods to enjoy a movie or an audio, our entertainment modules can allow an user to preset the favourite channel on TV or Tuner, synchronising together with other 'lights-off'.
  2. Each zone of your house ( usually each individual bedroom) can be sharing or listening to different channels, without adding expensive components.
  3. TV can be shut off by remote control ( or preset to turn off) during certain hours of weekdays when the children is supposed to study.
  4. Changing channels on the TV and the Audio can be programmed on the iPhone or iPad.
  5. Integrated with projector TV, motorised curtains, vincity lightings and climate control.

Climate Control

  1. Climate control includes the control of Air Conditioning, Motor Fans and Motorised Curtains, even Projector Screen in Conference Rooms.
  2. Airconditioning accounts for a large proportion of any household utility bill, and switching off the aircondtioning towards the early hours can lead to substaintial long term savings.
  3. Hann climate controls can switched off the airconditioning whilst turning on the fan at the same time. Windows can be preset to open and let in the fresh air too. And it can does all this without you getting out of the bed at all, each and every night.
  4. You can also preset the air-conditioner unit in the living room to turn on while driving, say 10 minutes before you reach home.
  5. Motorised curtains can be remotely closed with any smartphone if you observed through the survelliance camera that sunlight is too glaring.


  1. Our cameras are integrated to work within the Hann system, and includes both CCTV and IP camera, with DVR recording functions.
  2. We also integrates with motion detectors on the windows and doors of your kitchen to your smart phone and alarm system.
  3. Apart from detecting motion, we also have expertise with gas and other forms of detections in industrial settings.

Access Controls

  1. Access controls are often the vanguard of any security system, with a wide range of digital and biometric locks and controls.
  2. We have a wide range of biometrics and digital locks that can be integrated with video intercom units to any controller unit, be it a guardhouse or your very own iPhone.


  1. Some common appliances include the oven switch or the garage door that can be remotely turned off during 'Away' mode.
  2. Some switches like the jaccuzzi switches or the TV can also be automatically be turned off whenever the maid is left at home.

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