Our Consultancy & Systems Integration includes the supply, installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment to lighting design. We have applied our skills and experience to office buildings, commercial interiors, from luxury shopfronts to museum and galleries.

Consultancy Services offered:

  • Concept and Detailed Engineering, Design and Drafting
  • Energy-saving Engineering
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Onsite Evaluation of Existing Systems
  • Technical and Cost Analysis

Mechanical & Electrical equipment include: Security devices (barrier gates, access controls, CCTVs, motion detectors, energy-saving sensors), ACMV equipment, Plumbing & Sanitary equipment, and Fire Protection.

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*Click to enlarge photos.

Lighting Design:

  • Architectural Lightings
  • Gallery and Shop Display Lightings
  • Stage Lighting
  • Outdoor Event Lightings

Integration & Security Automation:

Complete system of total security management and energy-saving automation and integration for offices, hotels, factories and homes:

  • Access Controls System - card and biometrics, digital locks
  • Sensor controls
  • CCTV System & Recording
  • Intercom System
  • Video Intercom System
  • Emergency Voice Communication & PA System
  • Barriers, Gates & Doors

Easy-to-use solutions for energy-saving with sensorised automation on:

  • Motion Controls
  • Lighting Controls
  • Humidity Controls
  • Temperature Controls
  • Sound Controls
  • Gas Detectors

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